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Tizen is an open source Linux-based software platform for multiple device categories such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, in-vehicle infotainment devices and smart TVs. Tizen is registered trademark of the Linux Foundation and it is governed by a Technical Steering Group composed by Samsung, Intel and other industry-leading companies.


Tizen-sunxi is an open-source project for porting Tizen to devices with Allwinner A-Series processors. Sunxi represents the family of ARM SoC (System on Chip) designed for embedded systems, and made by Allwinner Tech. in Zhuhai (Guangdong, China).

Since it's not (yet) supported by Tizen project let's use this page as entry point


Tizen-sunxi images and instructions are available at GitHub and Google Drive.


This profile is a good candidate to dig into tizen since it can be easly adapted to any hardware...

You can rebuild stable kernel for source and then rebase or patch over it :

Then use armv7l images from project and install Kernel on boot part and bootloaders

See this How To for more :

Or use preinstalled image for A20-OLinuxIno-Micro :

News / Resources

Allwinner Processors

The port targets the following SoC:

  • A10 (sun4i) Cortex-A8
  • A13 (sun5i) Cortex-A8
  • A10s (sun5i) Cortex-A8
  • A31 (sun6i) quad Cortex-A7
  • A31s (sun6i) quad Cortex-A7
  • A20 (sun7i) dual Cortex-A7


Tizen-sunxi has been tested with the following devices:

Tizen-sunxi should also work on the following devices: