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Welcome to the wiki of the linux-sunxi community, an open source software community dedicated to providing open source operating system support for Allwinner SoC based devices.

What is sunxi

sunxi represents the family of ARM SoCs from Allwinner Technology, a Chinese fabless semiconductor company. Their best known products are the sunxi SoC series, such as the A10 (sun4i), A13 (sun5i) and A20 (sun7i) chips, which were very successful in the low-budget tablet market. See Allwinner SoC Family for more information on the different Allwinner chips.


The sunxi community is a very active and advanced one. For more information, check our linux-sunxi community page. It explains how to get help and how to contact us, and how you can contribute as well.

Allwinner does not actively participate in or support this community. In fact, it is violating the GPLv2 license in several ways and has so far not shown willingness to resolve this.

Allwinner based devices

Due to the popularity of the cheap Allwinner SoCs, there are literally thousands of different devices out there.

If you are looking for support for your device from the sunxi community here, please take a look at our guide to identifying your device. If you cannot find your exact device, then you need to work through our new device howto to get it supported.

If you are interested in buying an Allwinner SoC based device, then read through our buying guide.


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