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Video Engine is the plain name used by Allwinner for the hardware block responsible for the task of decoding and encoding video formats.


There is some confusion around how to name this video engine, with the principal reason been the non-existent clear branding by Allwinner.

  • CedarX
is the name given to the proprietary software libraries for video and audio de-/encoding (CedarV + CedarA).
  • Cedar Engine
is found in the kernel driver (/dev/cedar_dev) source code where it has been directly referred to as "cedar engine" in error/information messages and internal variables. Take note that this is the kernel driver that was made for the proprietary libraries that already existed in Melis OS, were the media player application goes by the name "cedar".
  • MACC - Media ACCelerate video engine
is also found in the kernel driver and respective headers, where the mmio area (registers) is referenced by macc as a prefix for the definition of the register base address.
  • VE - Video Engine
is the most common name used in all the places for this hardware block. It is believed that VE is a short form of VCE (Video Codec Engine) to be in accordance with ACE (Audio Codec Engine) and is also the best generic name to describe this type of hardware block.

Naming in the datasheets and user manuals.

SOC features label block diagram related registers
A20 Video Engine (Phoenix 3.0) Video Engine VE
A23 Video Engine Video Engine VE
A31 Video Engine Video Engine VE
A31s Video Engine Video Engine VE
A33 Video Engine Video Engine VE
A80 Video Engine Video Engine VE
A83T Video Engine claims decoder/encoder is part of the GPU block VE
H3 Video Engine Video Engine VE
A64 Video Engine Video Engine VE


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