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The linux-sunxi community provides a repository with packages for various distributions at This mostly contains packages specific for sunxi hardware.

Available packages

The following packages are available:

  • fbturbo X driver: a sped up version of the fbdev driver, which also supports 3D acceleration.
  • libump: ARMs Universal Memory Provider, as needed by the fbturbo driver.
  • Mesa with SDK: needed for building and running the lima mesa driver.


There are specific repositories available for debian and ubuntu.

Add the repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb quantal main
deb-src quantal main

The above is for ubuntu, quantal quetzal (12.10), replace this with your own distribution and distribution version codename.

To have apt prefer packages from linux-sunxi over the distributions own, you need to set linux-sunxi to a higher preference than the standard packages. Create /etc/apt/preferences.d/00-linux-sunxi with the following content:

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 990

You should now be able to apt-get install packages from this repository. If you want to re-install packages but this time round from the sunxi repos, use:

apt-get install --reinstall packagename



Possible issues