Used IP cores

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This page defines a list of used IP cores of the current generation of Allwinner devices.

Component name IP core vendor Driver available/usable? A10 A13 A31 A20 A23 A33
Cortex A8 ARM ltd. Mainline Y Y N N N N
Cortex A7 ARM ltd. Mainline N N Y Y Y Y
GIC-400 ARM ltd. Mainline N N Y N Y Y
IRQ Unknown Mainline, Allwinner Y Y N N N N
NMI Unknown, seems to be a stripped down version of A10/A13 IRQ controller Mainline, Allwinner N N Y Y Y Y
CCM Most likely Allwinner Mainline, Allwinner Y Y Y Y Y Y
SRAM Controller Most likely Allwinner Allwinner Y Y Y Y Y Y
DDR Synopsys DesignWare, Same as Rockchip rk2918 DMC Mainline/Allwinner U-Boot Y Y N Y N N
DDR Synopsys DesignWare?, Similar to Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ (reduced feature) Mainline/Allwinner U-Boot N N Y N Y N
DDR Synopsys DesignWare?, seems to be re-arranged A80/A23 DRAM controller Mainline/Allwinner U-Boot N N N N N Y
JTAG ARM CoreSight? Limited by JTAG on/off in Fex system
DMA Unknown Allwinner Y Y Y Y
PWM Most likely Allwinner Allwinner
GPS Highvision[1] No driver available. Only GPL-violating .ko were available, but untested Y N N N N N
G2D Unknown Allwinner implementation used. Might have connection to Exynos G2D.
GPU ARM Mali-400 MP1 Lima/ARM ltd Y Y N N
GPU ARM Mali-400 MP2 Lima/ARM ltd N N N Y
GPU Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX544 ? N N Y N
IPU Allwinner "DISP/LCD/HDMI" stack Allwinner Y Y Y Y
Video Engine Most likely a custom design by Chipsbank[2] Allwiner kernel driver + Blob Y Y Y Y
I2C Marvell MV64xxx Mainline Y Y Y Y
SPI Unknown Allwinner
UART Synopsys DesignWare 8250 Mainline Y Y Y Y
USB MentorGraphics MUSB Generic OHCI/EHCI with glue Allwinner Y Y Y Y
USB-OTG MentorGraphics MSUSB[3] Allwinner (mainline musb)
SATA Synopsys DesignWare SATA but PHY part maybe AW Allwinner glue + mainline libata Y N ? Y
SD/MMC Unknown Allwinner Y Y Y Y
NAND Unknown Allwinner. Most likely IP core is not done by Allwinner due to weird glue Y Y Y Y
Memory Stick Unknown No driver available
CE-ATA, IDE, ATA Unknown No driver available
TouchScreen controller Unknown Allwinner
SS Unknown No driver available
IR Unknown Allwinner Y ? Y Y
IIS Unknown Allwinner
AC97 Unknown Allwinner
Keypad Unknown Allwinner
LRADC Unknown Allwinner Y Y Y Y
CSI Unknown Allwinner. Might use something pre made by MIPI
TransportStream Unknown Allwinner (3.4 only)
ACE Most likely a custom design by Chipsbank[2] Allwinner
TV Encoder Unknown No driver available
GMAC Synopsys DesignWare Ethernet MAC 10/100/1000 Universal Allwinner. Mainline (3.14, stmmac) N N Y? Y
CAN Unknown