Format Q8

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The 7" tablet format is a very popular case style which is/was used for the cheapest tablets from 2012 through 2014. The most distinctive feature is the front camera, which sides in the middle of the long side, and which protrudes slightly from the edge of the case. It was sold in many many different colours, from topaz blue to bright pink.

Like with most common tablet formats, the front is a fixed design, and the backside can be molded as requested. Some of these tablets even come with a second camera on the back.



Disassembly is very straightforward for Q8 style devices. The edge of the back cover needs to be pushed to the outside to release the clips. So put the device on its back and insert your plastic tool in the outer edge. Start on the left or bottom edge(opposite corner to the buttons) and leave the upper-right corner for last. Push the outer casing away from the display, and you should soon hear the clips release. Be carefull not to tear off the microfone wires when separating the two sides of the tablet.

Known Devices

A13 based

A23 based

A33 based