HSG H702

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HSG H702
HSG H702 front.jpg
Manufacturer HannStar
Dimensions 181mm x 121mm x 10.5mm
Release Date April 2013
Website Unknown
SoC A13 @ 1Ghz
DRAM 512MiB DDR3 @ 432MHz (Micron MT41J256M16HA-125 256X16DDR3 HL)
NAND 4GB (Samsung K9GBG08U0A)
Power DC 5V @ 2A, ????mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery
LCD 800x480 (7" 16:9)
Touchscreen 5-finger capacitive (Silead GSL1680)
Audio 3.5mm headphone plug, built-in microphone.
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (Realtek RTL8188ETV)
Storage µSD
Camera 640x480 (VGA) front-facing, Optional rear-facing camera
Other Accelerometer (Freescale MMA7660), RTC (NXP PCF8563)

A standard Q8 format, A13 based tablet, but with separate UART pads.


The PCB is clearly marked HSG_H702_V1.2.

In android, under Settings->About Tablet, you will find:

  • Model Number: SoftwinerEVB
  • Build Number: nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20130418test-keys

The android strings are not helpful as both are generic A13 Allwinner strings. The only option to properly identify this device is by opening up the case and reading the markings on the board.

Sunxi support

Current status





Manual build

  • For building u-boot, use the "A13_MID" target.
  • The .fex file can be found in sunxi-boards as hsg_h702.fex

Everything else is the same as the manual build howto.

Mainline kernel

Use the sun5i-a13-hsg-h702.dts device-tree file for the mainline kernel.

Tips, Tricks, Caveats

FEL mode

The Volume+ button triggers FEL mode.

Adding a serial port (voids warranty)

HSG H702 UART pads

Device disassembly

See the Q8 tablet format disassembly page.

Locating the UART

On the front of the mainboard, there are two test pads next to the SoC. Solder on some wires according to our UART howto. These pads are connected to UART1, and are not multiplexed with the SD card.


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