Format MK802

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This is the best known HDMI stick format, and was very popular in 2012. The case itself has seen only minor variations, mostly just adding holes to aid with ventilation.

It was often sold as the Rikomagic MK802, but that's just one of many variations. Case printing varies as well.

This format is not to be confused with the MK802-II, which has a completely different case design with a male HDMI connector.


  • White case (Missing)


Disassembly is quite tricky. First, use your plastic tool to gently pry off the back cover by pushing one side of the front cover outwards. Then release the two side clips from the side cover (around the USB host connector), from the front cover, and very slightly bend it outwards until the USB host connector can come free (Without actually trying to free the board yet). Now very gently push the case around the micro-SD connector outwards from the mainboard, until you can free the mainboard. Be very careful though, as it is easy to lift pads from the PCB and break your board.

Known Devices

A10 based

A10s based