Eken A70h

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Eken A70h
A70h outer front.JPG
Manufacturer Eken
Dimensions 239mm x 147mm x 11.5mm
Release Date November 2013
Website Eken X73 product page
SoC A23 @ XGhz
Power DC 5V @ 3A, 2500mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery
LCD 800x480 (7" 16:9)
Touchscreen X-finger capacitive (Silead GSL1680)
Video LCD only
Audio 3.5mm headphone plug, internal speaker, internal microphone
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n ( device)
Storage µSD
USB 1 USB2.0 Host, 1 USB2.0 OTG
Camera 0,3MP (VGA) (640x480) front, 0,3MP (640x480) rear, LED flash

This page needs to be properly filled according to the New Device Howto and the New Device Page guide.


In android, under Settings->About Tablet, you will find:

  • Model Number: A70H
  • Build Number: polaris_a70H-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20131228 test-keys

This image matches the android image used on the Ippo Q8H v2, which has a different case design.

Sunxi support

Current status

Like all things A23, this hardware is not supported. It is however a prime target for development. For more information, check the Allwinner A23 SoC page.




Manual build

  • For building u-boot, use the "MANUFACTURER_DEVICE" target.
  • The .fex file can be found in sunxi-boards as MANUFACTURER_DEVICE.fex

Everything else is the same as the manual build howto.

Tips, Tricks, Caveats

FEL mode

The something button triggers FEL mode.

Adding a serial port (voids warranty)


Device disassembly

Gently push the back cover outwards from the screen with your plastic tool. You should soon feel the clips pop. When closing back up, replace the connector side first.

Locating the UART

Verify the information below according to our UART howto.

There are 2 pads right next to the SoC. The one closest to the SoC is RX/TX, the other is RX/TX. Attach some wires according to our UART howto.


Also known as

This hardware is sold under many guises. If it is claimed to be an A13 tablet but with a 4.2.2 android, then chances are that it is an A23 one instead.


  • P100
  • A20h
  • Eken A70H
  • Eken X73

These are frequently mentioned:

But likely they are A70x. Note the micro HDMI port between the micro and normal USB ports on the A70x

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