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Manufacturer Allwinner
Process 22 nm
CPU Octa-Core ARM [email protected] big.LITTLE + E906 RISC-V@200MHz
Memory DDR3 LPDDR3 DDR4 LPDDR4 LPDDR4X 32bit@2400M
GPU Mali G57 MC1 2EE
Video 1x RGB, 2x MIPI-DSI, 1x Dual-LVDS, 1x eDP1.3, Up to 2560x1600@60Hz
Network 1 x Ethernet GMAC 100M/1000M
Storage MMC, eMMC 5.1, SPI Flash
USB 1 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0
Other 1 x PCIE 2.1 1lane
Release Date 2023


The Allwinner A523 (sun55iw3) SoC features two quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 CPU clusters (for a total of eight cores), a Arm Mali-G57 MC1-2EE GPU, and a XuanTie E906 RISC-V management core. It is mainly targeted at tablet computers, though PCIe, USB 3.0, eDP and a Gigabit Ethernet MAC open up more use cases.

The USB 3.0 controller and the single lane PCIe 2.1 controller share the output pins, via a combo-PHY, so cannot be used at the same time.

A523 SoC Features

  • CPU
    • ARM Cortex-A55 r2p0 Octa-Core
    • 32 KiB Instruction + 32KiB Data L1-Cache per core
    • 64 KiB Unified L2-Cache per core (for core 0-3, TBC: 128 KiB each for cores 4-7)
    • 1 MiB Unified L3-Cache (shared between all eight cores)
    • SIMD NEON, VFP4, crypto extensions (AES), Half precision floating point (FP16), ARMv8.4 dot product extensions
    • ARMv8.1 atomics, LDAPR (load acquire)
    • Virtualization, ARMv8.1 Virtualization Host Extensions (VHE)
    • Arm GIC-600 r1p4 GICv3 interrupt controller, no LPIs, one (dormant) ITS
  • Memory
    • DDR3/DDR4/LPDDR2/LPDDR3/LPDDR4/LPDDR4X 32-bit DRAM controller, up to 4GiB
  • Embedded Controller:
    • XuanTie E906 RISC-V microcontroller (no MMU, but PMU)
  • 22nm HPC process

Family of sun55iw3

Beside the actual Allwinner A523 chip, there are several siblings sharing the same "sun55iw3" die, in different packages and different performance bins:

Main Name A523 A523 A527 A527 MR527 T527 T527 T527 T527
Sub Name M00X0000 H00X0000 M00X0000 H00X0000 M02X0D00 M00X0DCH M02X0DCH H00X0DCH H02X0DCH
Package FCCSP15*15 BGA522 EPCSP17*17 BGA664 HS-FCBGA17*17 BGA664
CPU [email protected] + [email protected] 4xA55@2.0GHz + [email protected] [email protected] + [email protected] 4xA55@2.0GHz + [email protected] [email protected] + [email protected] [email protected] + [email protected] [email protected] + [email protected] 4xA55@2.0GHz + [email protected] 4xA55@2.0GHz + [email protected]
RISC-V XuanTie E906 RISC-V@200M
GPU Mali G57 MC1 2EE
NPU - - - - VIP9000 2Tops - VIP9000 2Tops - VIP9000 2Tops
DSP - - - - - HIFI4 DSP 600M
H264 Decode 4K@30fps 4K@60fps 4K@30fps 4K@60fps
H265 Decode 4K@30fps
H264 Encode 4K@25fps
Maximum resolution 2.5K 4K+1080P - 4K+1080P
Video Out 1xRGB, 2xMIPI, 1xDual-LVDS, 1xeDP - 1xRGB, 2xMIPI, 1xDual-LVDS, 1xeDP
HDMI - - HDMI2.0 - HDMI2.0
GMAC 1 2 - 2
CAN - - - - - 2
USB 2xUSB2.0 + 1xUSB3.0
Temperature -20℃~75℃ -40℃~85℃
Target Tablets Tablets Tablets Tablets Robots Industry Industry Industry Industry


There is a user manual at the DeciHD github repo.

BSP code parts can be found using Github's code search for the die name: sun55iw3