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Manufacturer Allwinner
Process 40 nm
CPU Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.5 GHz
Memory DDR3/DDR3L
GPU Mali400 MP2
Audio I2S, PCM, AC97
Storage MMC, NAND
USB OTG, 2x Host
Release Date June 2014

Allwinner A33 (sun8i) SoC features a Quad-Core Cortex-A7 ARM CPU, and a Mali400 MP2 GPU from ARM. It is a Quad-Core pin-to-pin-compatible version of A23 (which in turn is a lower power, cut-down, not-pin-compatible version of the A20).

It's now also called R16, targeted on miscellaneous IoT devices, such as Nintendo NES Classic Edition gaming console.


There is no support for the A33 in the linux-sunxi 3.4 kernel and in u-boot-sunxi. Support in mainline u-boot and in the mainline kernel is work in progress.

A33 SoC Features

  • CPU
    • ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core
    • 512 KB L2-Cache (shared between four cores)
    • 256 KB (Instruction) / 32 KiB (Data) L1-Cache per core
    • Virtualization
    • Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE) 1 TB
  • GPU
    • ARM Mali400 MP2
    • Featuring 1 vertex shader (GP) and 2 fragment shaders (PP).
    • Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Memory
    • DDR3/DDR3L controller
    • NAND Flash controller and 64-bit ECC
  • Video
    • Full HD 1080p video decoding of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP/ASP GMC, H.263, H.264, WMV9/VC-1, and VP8
    • BD Directory, BD ISO and BD m2ts video decoding
    • H.264 High Profile 1080p @ 30 fps encoding
    • 2160×1080 @ 30 fps 3D decoding
    • Complies with RTSP, HTTP,HLS,RTMP,MMS streaming media protocol
  • Display
    • CPU/RGB/LVDS LCD interface 1280x800 resolution
    • MIPI DSI interface up to 1280x800 resolution
  • Camera
    • Integrated parallel 8-bit I/F YUV sensor
    • Integrated 24-bit parallel YUV 444 I/F
    • 5M/8M CMOS sensor support
    • Dual-sensor support
  • Audio
    • Integrated HI-FI 100 dB Audio Codec
    • Dual MIC noise cancellation
  • PMIC



Allwinner support

A33 will officially support Android 4.4 and above from AllWinner, so no official multi-OS support like some other higher-end AllWinner SoCs.

Android SDK


Below are links on pan baidu for the original A33 SDK. You will need to install the Baidu Yun Guanjia download manager in order to download the files.

( Links Down )


Allwinner A33 SDK [MEGA]

Build instructions are here

I was able to succesfully build the SDK on Ubuntu 12.04 (after installing dependencies and java) and burn it to an SDCard using PhoenixCard and have it run on an A33 tablet.

You may need to replace the y3 sys_config.fex with an appropriate fex for your A33 tablet.

The build image works on several of my A33 tablets, but gets stuck on the loading screen on some others.


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