MangoPi MQ-Quad

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MangoPi MQ-Quad
Manufacturer MangoPi
Dimensions 65mm x 30mm
Release Date August 2022
Website Home Page
SoC H616 @ 1.5Ghz
Power DC 5V @ 2A (via OTG Type-C connector)
Video HDMI (Type C - Mini)
Audio HDMI, I2S
Network Trolink TL8723DS Wi-Fi+BT
Storage µSD, optional SPI flash (bottom)
USB 1 USB Type-C OTG, 1 USB Type-C USB host
Other RMII/RGMII flex connector

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MangoPi MQ-Quad is a H616 based board in the Pi Nano form factor.

PCB revisions

There are several PCB revisions, indicated on the back side of the board.

Revision Date PCB color Details
v1.0 2022.07.13 Black first release
v1.1 2022.08.10 Black new audio pad locations
v1.2 2022.09.04 Black/Pink FEL/RST pads on front side