DongshanPi Nezha STU

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DongshanPi Nezha STU
Manufacturer DongshanPi
Dimensions ?mm x ?mm
Release Date ?
Website Home Page in Chinese
SoC D1 @ 1.0Ghz
DRAM 512MiB DDR3 @ 792MHz, 1×H5TQ4G63EFR
Power DC 5V @ 2A (via OTG Type-C connector)
Video HDMI (Type A - full)
Audio audio, HDMI, I2S
Network ethernet
Storage µSD, optional SPI flash
USB 1 USB Type-C OTG, 1 USB Type-C USB serial

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There is a carrier board named "DIY" with three 2x20 GPIO connector headers of varying pin assignments.

At the bottom are solder pads for a SPI flash, NAND or NOR. A white dot in the top left marks pin 1 (CS). You can order a variant that includes a NAND flash.

Software Support

Linux and U-Boot upstreaming are in progress. See Allwinner_Nezha#Manual_build for build instructions. For U-Boot, use the dongshan_nezha_stu_defconfig configuration.