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The linux-sunxi community is the Open Source community that gathered around the Allwinner SoCs. It sees only very limited support from Allwinner itself (usually, and only since recently, some code drops and some documentation). Very few people in this community make a living from working on this hardware, and thus most are volunteers spending their free time and their own money. There are however a few companies which actively contribute to our community, and their hardware is the best supported.

Get Supported

First off, search our wiki and check our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. If you are unsure what hardware you have, then read our guide to identify your device.

You are also free to contact us through the the mailing list and/or through IRC (Internet Relay Chat).


The best way to contribute is to install linux-sunxi software on your own hardware, and to work through our countless howtos and tutorials to get your hardware supported as you want it. You will undoubtedly run into things which are either wrong, not completely documented or broken. By subsequently improving our wiki and our software you will not only help linux-sunxi and countless linux-sunxi users, you will also be helping yourself.

You should of course start by creating a wiki account, by subscribing to our mailing list, and by joining the active discussions on IRC.

Caveat: Our wiki sometimes is refused access by the SMTP server and unable to send emails. If when creating a user account on the wiki, after several hours you do not get your account creation email, contact us on IRC.

Bring up your own hardware

You should first start with attempting to identify your hardware. If you cannot identify your device from this wiki, you will need to work through our New Device Howto.

Help with documentation

For this you obviously need to get a wiki account first. The Wiki category lists all sorts of pages related to our sunxi wiki, some of which are guides on how to improve our wiki, some of which are categories labeling pages which need improvement.

Help with packaging

There are several linux-sunxi specific packages, and our community could use a hand with improving our own package repositories.

Help with development


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