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The linux-sunxi community primarly uses a googlegroups mailing list called [email protected]. This mailing list is meant for technical discussion pertaining to sunxi, and for patch review and submission. Subscription is required.


Traditionally we used [email protected] (Subscription required) as our mailing list for general discussions. But to not overwhelm it with sunxi (Allwinner A10, A13, ...) specifics, and to allow more technical discussions and patch reviews, a new list was created dedicated to this family of SoCs.

Work is slowly underway on setting up a mailing list server on our own server. But this is not a trivial undertaking.


As with any googlegroups mailinglist, you can use an existing google account and use the googlegroups web interface.

You can also send an empty email to [email protected] and follow the instructions to subscribe without being forced to use or have a google account.

Proper conduct

For everyone's sanity please be sure to follow proper netiquette when posting or replying to a post.

Submitting patches

Please follow Linux's submitting patches rules when sending code.

Configuring git for send-email

Edit .git/config and add the following, replacing the smtpserver and from entries:

        smtpserver = smtp.server.domain
        to = [email protected]
        from = Your Name <[email protected]>
        chainreplyto = false
        suppressfrom = true
        suppresscc = self

You should then be able to just git send-email your patches.

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