Translations are bad

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While providing translations seems like an easy and good way to contribute to our wiki, they are in fact quite damaging.

This is not wikipedia

First off, this is a highly technical wiki and not wikipedia.

The intention of this wiki is to cover all technical aspects needed to get your software of choice running on your Allwinner based hardware. This while the hardware and the software for it is constantly evolving. It is not meant to be an encyclopedia which documents everything in history, it is meant to document the current state of our software support for allwinner SoCs.

We are not here to edit wikis all day long, we are primarily about hardware and software for allwinner SoCs. There are no millions of users, there are no hundreds of thousands of editors. There's just a handful of us, and we have a hard enough time getting our stuff to run and documenting it for others to follow. Any translation is going to be forgotten, going to become outdated quickly, or, even worse, will contain some info only accessible in a language only a few persons grasp, and that information might as well never have been committed to our wiki at all.

But what about those who do not know english?

Too bad!

As much as many people dislike it, and no matter how badly the spelling mismatches the pronounciation, english is the de-facto language of technology and the interweb. If anyone is unable to grasp the limited english present on this website, then he definitely will not be capable of following any howto here, no matter what language it is in. They will also not be able to communicate with most of the folks behind our site, so they cannot ask for help either.

So let english be a barrier for those who would only walk away frustrated anyway.