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To libdv : I'm really sorry that you wrote something so bad against translations and totally wrong about me, this is really unfair to add a such statement publicly... I didn't leave sunxi, I only spent lot of time in other projects in my life, I'm still everyday on the #sunxi IRC channel, but last few week, because in holiday since long time, if you asked me, with a single IRC hilight about update to do, I would probably updated quickly and you could have more time in other project. What do you think if something looking at the limadriver page and don't see update since more than one year, on the git or the driver project say that's a dead project... You probably make lot of work has you made before, but nobody know about this. Perhaps somebody will want to fork it and you will probably complain about the fork, isn't it ? At each time i added documentation in french, I tried to quickly translate it to english pages. Has I explained you by this time, that was the more easy way to write things for me. I believe that me and lot of other people contributed probably only a little bit, but saying that only bit of help is useless, without trying to ask to fix, what you thing is wrong, is really the worst behavior I never seen, especially in open source community. This is counter-productive for you, for the Sunxi project, and really affects me. RegardsPopolon (talk) 23:14, 2 May 2014 (UTC)


The fact of the matter is that:

  • you did not keep 100% perfect translations about, at all times. This is an impossible task, and i do not see why you would even try to argue against this one. If you do like to keep that argument up though, check my contribs of say, the last month, and try to translate those perfectly. That's a few orders of magnitude more than what you can muster each sunday afternoon.
  • My contribution in opensource world is not only sunday afternoon, but I see you like to make statement with vaporous sources.Popolon (talk) 19:10, 3 June 2014 (UTC)
  • you and others added info to the translations, but not to the original pages, and therefor damaged the project. Someone had to go and evaluate all translations and rescue what was worth rescuing, otherwise we could've just thrown this wiki away completely.
On time more, that's totally false, you can look at the history, I updated lot of out-of-date (sometime more than one year old, that was not relevant anymore) things in english version too, when I contributed few month ago. the more sad, is when you twist the reality about other people for really ununderstanble goals. Most of open source (including highly technical, like Linux From Scratch or Linux Documentation Project projects have translation documentation. between this time I contributed to other projects, I was on IRC everyday if you complain about something new you thing was not translated, you should easily say to me, I would have fixed it in few hours or days. Instead of that, you made publicly wrong statement and destroyed the work of several people. I don't know if it's possible to get back the translation and put it elsewhere. If someone that didn't have the chance to have money or time for english curses but have knowledge in computer science could use them. Isn't Allwinner product made by people that didn't speak or english or not really well (look at the comments on original source code given by AllWinner), and have goal to sell mainly in poorest countries far from European rich countries target, or uneducated peole that probably don't know english, doesn't have the salary for more expansive product and the energy resources for a more than 200 W PC ? If SunXi community don't want no more translation on it's own site, has that was the case for few years, at least, I hope, that's not for wrong reasons. Popolon (talk) 19:10, 3 June 2014 (UTC)
  • Were there any other changes to the french pages except your own? You are the first to complain about them being removed. Seems that you were just writing these pages for yourself, and not for the greater community (this is what translations do - limit things to a single language group).
  • First, there was not only french translation, I started french translation because there was already in other languages, so that seems logical to add in language I know too, as I made in several projects (and not only in french, but also english, chinese and japanese). This help to grow community on projects, I seen several projects where people with technical project and enduser that can test things), was able to communicate with people able to report in english on main developer too.
  • Lot of opensource project I participated, In fact, that's the first time I seen such a deletion, and such an offensive and lying stance.
  • Lot of opensource "highly technical" projects have translations in lot of languages. ARM himself translate not all but lot of its page in chinese and japanese on it's main website. I seen lot of "highly technical" books in lot of languages on earth. If german originated languages speakers can easily learn english and probably have a good level of education, that's not the case of every people on earth. They probably prefer to learn technical things first, in school or as hobbist. Has you stated, there are really few people speaking ferign languages (don't know where you find that) on the IRC channel, so now, you are sure that people that's can't speak english has no chance to have any information about how to install.Popolon (talk) 19:10, 3 June 2014 (UTC)
  • Sunxi wiki needs a lot of love, but no-one but me seems to care about doing a good job at it. We just do not have enough dedicated, fastidious and accurate individuals willing to make the wiki better. It's hard enough making information complete, concise, up to date and well-structured. Translations are only further killing the possibility of having a useful wiki.
For the next things, thank you for your autocongratulation, and things that after you other people probably doesn't have in head... I'm sad of this strange things, but hope you continue the good way...Popolon (talk) 19:10, 3 June 2014 (UTC)

I tend to go fix fundamental issues with projects i work on, and from what i can tell, my work on the wiki is pretty much the only thing that makes the sunxi community a community at this point. This is clear from people rubbing themselves with mainlining some things on their development boards (but ignoring many things in the progress, specifically all non development boards), and others just wanting to get a linux on their android device, there just is no common ground. This wiki is the only real common ground left.

Why can't you just resign to working on english (even if it is not perfect english, it's more than good enough for a technical wiki.), and make life better for everybody?

Yes, that excludes a few poor sods who haven't managed to pick up a few words of english on the net so far. It's not as if those people would be smart enough to pull a wiki page through google translate either. But that's natural selection for you, as i explained on the page.

I admit, it is not nice to see the u-boot example, but the u-boot example is what triggered this change, and it is the best explanation that can be given for why translations are bad. I know that it is not easy to swallow that, but there are no two ways about it here. Translation are bad, and thank you for showing us that.

So please work on the english wiki, and make what information you gather available to everyone. Stop dispersing information, and spreading a tiny bit of it very thinly all over either our wiki or the whole web.


I removed the Example section entirely. It doesn't add a lot to the already clear argument and contains some flames. The wiki is better off without the Examples section and accompanying flames.