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Sunxi support

Current status

The H3 chipset support for {{{board}}} has been included in mainline kernels since 4.2. Most of the board functionality works out of the box, but support for many features has been added rather recently, which means that a fairly recent kernel version is required. Some features (hw accelerated crypto, graphics/video features, thermal, and DVFS) are still being worked on. For a more comprehensive list of supported features, see the status matrix for mainline kernels. In addition, legacy 3.4 kernels are available in various work-in-progress git branches.

See the Manual build section for more details.

Manual build

You can build things for yourself by following our Manual build howto and by choosing from the configurations available below.


Mainline U-Boot

Use the {{{uboot_defconfig}}} build target. The U-Boot repository and toolchain is described in the Mainline U-Boot howto.

The H3 boards can boot from SD, eMMC, NAND or NOR flash (if available), and via FEL using the OTG USB port. In U-Boot, loading the kernel is also supported from USB or ethernet (netboot). HDMI support in U-Boot is still WIP.

Linux Kernel

Sunxi/Legacy Kernel

The 3.4 kernel from the official Allwinner's git repository does not support H3 yet. But it is possible to use one of the kernel forks, based on the lichee H3 SDK tarball:

Configure this kernel using sun8i_h3_defconfig, the rest is explained in the kernel compilation guide.

Use the .fex file for generating script.bin. {{{legacy_instructions}}}

When booting the legacy 3.4 kernel with the mainline U-Boot, add the following line to boot.cmd:

  setenv machid 1029
  setenv bootm_boot_mode sec

Some other legacy kernel repositories:

Mainline kernel

The H3 SoC is supported by the mainline kernels. For cpufreq, thermal, and HDMI audio support a) third party patches or b) a pre-patched distro (e.g. Armbian) is still needed (cpufreq support will appear in 4.18). A number of features have stabilized only recently (Ethernet in 4.15 HDMI in 4.17), so make sure you're running a recent kernel if these features are needed.

The development process, links to patches and links to kernel fork repositories are listed on the Linux mainlining effort page. Patches can also be found from the arm-linux mailing list.

Repositories with H3 patches:

Use the {{{kernel_dtb}}} device-tree binary.

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