YuzukiNezha D1s

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YuzukiNezha D1s
YuzukiNezha D1s V1.png
Manufacturer YuzukiTsuru Hardware Open Source
Dimensions 50'8'mm x 29'8'mm
Release Date January 2022
Website YuzukiNezha-D1s
SoC D1s @ 1.0Ghz
Power DC 5V @ 2A (via Mini PCIe Connector or dedicated Two USB Type-C connector)
Network Generic 44Pin Wireless Module Support Bluetooth
Storage TF, SPI NAND
USB 1 USB2.0 Host, 1 USB Type-C OTG

YuzukiNezha D1s is an open-source design for D1s under the CERN OHL-P v2 licence.

YuzukiNezha D1s provides a flexible and extensible interface through a mini pcie interface. Onboard power tree, USB interface, TP interface, SPI and TF card slot. PG11 leads out an LED, which can light up happily without a bottom plate. Four-layer board design, craftsmanship does not need to add money with JLCPCB (It is best to spend money to sink gold to prevent oxidation), The onboard WiFi module can be welded with various adapter modules.

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Sunxi support

Current status

Support the official Tina SDK, Support Buildroot.


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