Yuntab PHT V101H A33 V1.0

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Yuntab PHT V101H A33 V1.0
PHT V101H A33 V10-front.JPG
Manufacturer Yuntab
Dimensions 260mm x 150mm x 10mm
Release Date Month year
Website Device Product Page
SoC A33 @ XGhz
DRAM 512MiB/1GiB/2GiB DDR3 @ xxxMHz
NAND 2/4/8/16GB
Power DC 5V @ 3A, 3700mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery
LCD 1024x600 (X" X:Y)
Touchscreen X-finger capacitive/resistive (Manufacturer device)
Video HDMI (Type A/B/C - full/mini/micro), VGA
Audio 3.5mm headphone plug, 3.5mm microphone plug, HDMI, SPDIF, internal stereo speakers, internal speaker, internal microphone
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (Manufacturer device), 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet (Manufacturer device)
Storage µSD, SATA
USB X USB2.0 Host, X USB2.0 OTG
Camera  ??.?MP (????x????) front, ??.?MP (????x????) rear
Other Accelerometer (Manufacturer device), GPS, IRDA
Headers UART, JTAG, LCD, VGA, ...

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On the back of the device, the following is printed:


The PCB has the following silkscreened on it:

PHT V101H_A33_V1.0

In android, under Settings->About Tablet, you will find:

  • Model Number: YUNTAB
  • Processor Type: QuadCore-A33
  • Android-Version: 4.4.2
  • Firmware Version: v2.0
  • Kernel Version: eng06@phtaa-To-be-filled-by-O-E-M #3 Tue Dec 16 10:54:06 CST 2014
  • Build Number: yuntab_V101_4.4.2_20150407

sunxi-fel displays

# ./sunxi-fel version
AWUSBFEX soc=00001667(A33) 00000001 ver=0001 44 08 scratchpad=00007e00 00000000 00000000

Sunxi support

Current status

Not supported.


Optional. Add MANUFACTURER DEVICE specific sunxi ROM images here. E.g. a livesuit image or some other linux image which uses linux-sunxi code. Do not put non-sunxi images here, they should live under See also. If no sunxi based images are available, this section can be removed.


Optional. Add MANUFACTURER DEVICE sunxi HW-pack specifics here. When empty, this section can be removed.


Optional. Add MANUFACTURER DEVICE sunxi BSP specifics here. When empty, this section can be removed.

Manual build

You can build things for yourself by following our Manual build howto and by choosing from the configurations available below.


Sunxi/Legacy U-Boot

Use the MANUFACTURER_DEVICE build target.

Mainline U-Boot

Using the ga10h_v1_1_defconfig build target seems to work (initial tests done).

Linux Kernel

Sunxi/Legacy Kernel

Use the PHT_V101H_A33_V1.0.fex file (Pull request).

Mainline kernel

Use the FAMILY-CHIP-DEVICE.dtb device-tree binary.

Tips, Tricks, Caveats

Add MANUFACTURER DEVICE specific tips, tricks, Caveats and nice to have changes here.

FEL mode

The something button triggers FEL mode.

Device specific topic

If there are no further device specific topics to add, remove these sections.

Device disassembly

The device can easily be opened with a Plastic tool (no screws).

Locating the UART

The UART has not been located yet. Maybe the UART howto helps.


Also known as

List rebadged devices here.

See also

The device seems to be very similar to the IRULU X11 as both have the same PCB label (PHT ...) and almost identical support chips. This external site has some interesting info which could be helpful for the Yuntab as well.

Manufacturer images