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WTF did User:Turl deleted my articles that are related to sunxi?

Why did User:Turl delete all these articles of mine without warning with the comment "not relevant to sunxi" when they are too related to sunxi?; specifically Allwinner A31 (sun6i) SoC feature support for all these all these, which is sad that he can delete articles without having the knowledge about that fact. What is the point of contributing to a wiki where articles are deleted without warning? All other wiki's give a warning to explain then leave the article for several months actually deleting an article! I spent hours on writing and researching those articles! Rocker (talk) 09:56, 22 February 2013 (CET)

  • 17:06, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page Adobe Flash (not relevant to sunxi)
  • 16:58, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page SGX544 (content was: "#redirect PowerVR SGX544" (and the only contributor was "Rocker"))
  • 16:55, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page OpenVG (not relevant to sunxi)
  • 16:53, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page OpenGL ES (not relevant to sunxi)
  • 16:52, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page OpenGL ES Shading Language (not relevant to sunxi)
  • 16:51, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page PowerVR SGX544 (not relevant to sunxi)
  • 16:46, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page OpenCL (not relevant to sunxi)
  • 16:43, 21 February 2013 Turl (Talk | contribs) deleted page DirectX (not relevant to sunxi)

Hello Rocker,
is it possible for you to join #linux-sunxi on freenode? Better talking there.
Yesterday we talked about cleaning up the wiki and remove duplicated pages, that can be found on other pages on the web/wikipedia. There are many pages, that give info about possible features of sunxi, but are not that relevant atm. We agreed, that sunxi-wiki should not keep common infos about directx etc. Linking this sites and document the sunxi-specials of that feature (- if sunxi-related at all -)in this wiki should be enough!? Otherwise the wiki will blow up, which is not necessary.
Regards rellla -- Rellla (talk) 10:22, 22 February 2013 (CET)
Nope, can't be bothered with IRC to be honest. Can not see one reason for deleting articles like PowerVR SGX544, etc., hours wasted for nothing. And since it now looks like Allwinner's official support for XBMC on sunxi and open source in general just seems like a lost cause in any case I think that I will just abandon all my interest in everything Allwinner anyway, I don't want to give them any more of my money or time so goning cut my loses and run. - Rocker out. Rocker (talk) 15:05, 22 February 2013 (CET)
The only Allwinner relevant words on the page were : "PowerVR SGX544 GPU cores is used in Allwinner A31 SoCs." All other info is collected from somewhere. Replicating it in the wiki is not helpful imo and blows it up. Thanks anyway. Regards rellla -- Rellla (talk) 15:16, 22 February 2013 (CET)
Rocker, we need relevant and concise information, and we should not needlessly list irrelevant information. It is hard enough getting our hardware to work fully and correctly, and filling up our wiki with fluff makes it even harder for newcomers to see the forest through the trees. This wiki is about structuredly gathering the knowledge for sunxi, not about writing books or creating a new wikipedia. So please, either try out sunxi stuff and help write howto's or fix the relevant information in our wiki, but only if that is actually related to sunxi, or take it to wikipedia, and improve the articles there. -- libv.