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AndrewDB> Naming this device YBKJ A20 JN or Brown Box A20 ?

It seems YBKJ refers to the designer of the PCB and not to the manufacturer of this TV box (see the numerous manufacturers of the YBKJ A20 rev 3.0 board design).

A20 is obviously a reference to the SOC used and JN could be the reference to the particular manufacturer that contracted this specific PCB design, but this last point is pure conjecture.

Since YBKJ A20 JN is an arbitrary name for this device and it is harder to remember than Brown Box A20, I prefer the name Brown Box A20, unless there is a reasonable objection against it.

libv> How many brown boxes would you like to have in this wiki? YBKJ_A20_JN is at least unique to the motherboard and thus means a unique fex and unique uboot support. The actual packaging is only secondary in this case, as the connector layout will remain the same. There is one documented case where an inet motherboard was tied to a different (bigger) display, but that was for tablets. For a HTPC, such a danger does not exist. YBKJ_A20_JN is simply the unique name of this device.

AndrewDB> You do realize that YBKJ A20 JN is nearly impossible to remember or to identify, don't you?

Also, your objection against calling this device "Brown Box A20" because there would be many such "Brown Box" devices is not valid: there is no other "Brown Box" device in this wiki! This would be the first and only one!

Brown Box A20 is just as unique as YBKJ A20 JN and also just as arbitrary, but it's much easier to identify, much easier to remember and much less prone to typos, something important for a developer like me! I am already booting Linux with my version of u-boot on this device and I have based all my development (comments, file names, actual code) on the name "Brown Box A20". So what should I do? Change all my code because you - individually and without consulting me - have decided to rename this device to YBKJ A20 JN?

As a fellow developer I am asking you for the permission to keep the name "Brown Box A20" for this device.

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