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I would propose to change maximum CPU frequency to 1.2 GHz instead:

It seems that most H3 users out there (Orange Pi customers) have no clue that all their overheating and stability issues originate from insane default values delivered with every available OS image from Xunlong and 3rd parties: Only 2 dvfs table entries with 1.53/1.2 GHz @ 1.5/1.3 V cpufreq and DRAM clocked with 672 MHz. Now that other vendors also picked up H3 (Olimex) and will not use these insane overclocking settings the question might occur why Olimex chose to use such 'conservative' settings since the H3 is listed as being able to run at "up to" 1.6 GHz which is not the case. Users reported that they experience crashes under load and that not even a simple run of "memtester" exits without erros without additional load: Tkaiser (talk) 18:29, 19 November 2015 (CET)