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TQC A01 front.jpg
Manufacturer TaiqiGame
Dimensions 96mm x 96mm x 17mm
Release Date early 2018 year
Website TQC
SoC H6 @ 1.8Ghz
DRAM 1GiB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
Power DC 5V @ 2A
Video HDMI (Type A - full)
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (AP6212), 10/100Mbps Ethernet (embedded AC200)
Storage µSD, eMMC
USB 1 USB3.0 Host, 1 USB2.0 Host, 1 USB2.0 OTG
Other IRDA
Headers UART

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Inexpensive TV box with the H6 SoC and some general specifications (1GiB RAM, 8GiB eMMC), but missing GBit Ethernet. What is special is that it has a circular shape, including the PCB and the casing.

official description of TQC-A01:


TQC Entertainment Cloud Terminal is a new generation smart entertainment cloud device that allows users to share computing power and earn points. It is a private entertainment terminal based on blockchain technology. By collecting idle computing power from users, it solves the problems encountered in data analysis in the gaming industry. As a reward, TQ Interactive will give back TQC points to users based on their contributions. These points can be used for all products of TQ Interactive and enjoy additional value-added services. (translated by ChatGPT)

It was launched in early 2018 and ceased its business operations in Q2 2023.


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On the back of the device, the following is printed:

 产品型号(Model): TQC-A01

The PCB has the following silkscreened on it:

Ver: 2.0

In android, under Settings->About Tablet, you will find:

  • Model Number: TQC
  • Build Number: 106N0
  • Kernel Version: 3.10.65

Sunxi support

Current status

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Manual build

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Mainline U-Boot

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Linux Kernel

Mainline kernel

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Tips, Tricks, Caveats

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FEL mode

The UPGRADE button triggers FEL mode. It is between the USB 3.0 port and the DC 5V port.

TQC A01 UPGRADE button

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Adding a serial port (voids warranty)

TQC-A01 UART pads

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Device disassembly

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Locating the UART

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