DRAM Calibration Results

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DRAM Calibration Results/Cubietech Cubieboard

DRAM Calibration Results/Olimex A20-OLinuXino-Micro Rev.E

ZQ calibration table

ZQ calibration is SoC temperature dependent. The table below provides some calibration results as a reference:

Device ZPROG (two-digit 'zq' parameter) Calibrated ZDATA on cold start (SoC temperature is low) Calibrated ZDATA on hot reboot (SoC temperature is high)
ssvb's Cubietruck 0x2c 0x10d1800 0x10d3900
ssvb's Primo73 0x2b 0x10de800 0x10d6900
ssvb's Cubieboard 0x2b 0x10dcb00 0x10de800
ssvb's Cubieboard 0x3b 0x199cb00 0x199e800