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The AC200 is a digital analog mix IC, which use in TV-BOX(H Series) , it is composed of Audio, Video and EPHY modules.

Audio, communicate with SoC through I2s Interface, transform I2S to 2MIC and 1 lineout.

Video, communicate with SoC through CCIR656 Interface, transform CCIR656 to CVBS(Composite Video Broadcast Signal).

EPHY, communicate with SoC through MII/RMII Interface, transform to 100M ethernet.



  • Support One I2S/PCM interface
  • Two audio digital-to-analog(DAC) channels
  • Support analog/ digital volume control
  • Two differential microphone inputs
  • One lineout output with voltage ramp
  • Two audio analog-to-digital(ADC) channels
  • — 92dB [email protected]
  • — Supports ADC Sample Rates from 8KHz to 48KHz
  • Support Automatic Gain Control(AGC) adjusting the ADC recording output


  • Support CCIR656 and Serial YUV interface
  • 1 CVBS out, Support NTSC and PAL
  • Plug status auto detecting


  • Support MII and RMII interface
  • Fully IEEE 802.3 10/100 Base-TX compliant and supports EEE
  • Auto negotiation and parallel detection capability for automatic speed and duplex selection
  • Programmable loopback mode for diagnostic
  • Supports WOL (Wake-On-Lan) functionality
  • Design for Testability with extensive testability feature and 95% fault coverage
  • Power consumption (100Base-TX) less than 140mW


  • TWI/RSB control interface, TWI up to 400Kbps, RSB up to10Mbps
  • Integrate Codec LDO, Core LDO, single 3.3V supply for chip
  • Internal OSC, 32K clock output
  • Internal RTC function
  • QFN 68-pin package, 8mm x 8mm

Block Diagram


Relate to H6

H6 has embedded AC200, it was called ATE(Audio, TVE, EPHY) Controller. For more details, check chapter 3.20 of H6 UserManual.