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Purchased pcDunio8 UNO with a downloadable image in ubuntu linux from Linaro and an android image. Found at

Disliked the build as I believe it should support 1080p graphics. I have read on their forums where they were asked to supply uBoot and editable fex files but they refused saying they were proprietary. I have every confidence based on the files they have used for the build that all the files are in the public domain. I hope to rebuild a better more usable and configurable image for my board. Hope it will help others. I am an extreme beginner. Drake

Please consider relying on this stuff here: -- unless the Linksprite folks release their version of Allwinner's BSP it's not worth considering to buy pcDunio8 Uno. Tkaiser (talk) 00:31, 21 January 2016 (CET)

I got two pcDuino8 UNOs in an auction for 23 dollars. So I want to give it a try while I wait for any development. I did find:

This link lists all but the 8H. According to Wikipedia the 8H is categorized with the A83T with a different video encoding support. Both the A83T support H.265 but the H8 has VP9 @ 30 fps instead of "HVEC MP/L5.2". I am too inexperienced to know if this will help but I am still in the information collection stage. The video processing is said in the forum to be supported by PowerVR SDK and elsewhere, I don't remember now, is said to comply with opensource video codecs, OpenGL and two other standards. In support of that notion a search of the git repository for "H8" returns samples of c code that is part of video driver code in the A83T repository. It might be still worth a try. Drake. I was looking for an SDK for the H8 but found only the spec sheet for the A80T.

Software Sources provided by Linksprite for pcDuino8 UNO

When I use the apt-get command the following link is included in the repositories:

The above link causes a minor error because pcDuino3 files are also kept there. Reading in a file for pcDunio8 called usr/bin/ accessable by downloading and unpacking it twice. One reads that the board set up shell script is run only once and afterwards another boot method is used. Also that .sh file creates a file called /etc/board.conf. I will try to find that file soon.

The image is found here: