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Sunxi support

Current status

The H5 SoC support has matured since its introduction in kernel 4.12. Most of the board functionality for boards such as {{{board}}} are available with current mainline kernels. Some features (hw accelerated crypto, hw spinlocks, and thermal) are still being worked on and the status of some features (video engine) is still unknown due to the lack of testing. For a more comprehensive list of supported features, see the status matrix for mainline kernels.

See the Manual build section for more details.


There are some somewhat abandoned 3.10 BSP code drops available in 'OrangePiLibra' and FriendlyELEC's github repos. Check the orangepi-xunlong and OrangePiLibra repositories in case of interest.

It seems no device settings are contained and the BSP is broken anyway at least with regard to voltage regulation (that's also the reason vendor OS images seem to be limited to 1008 MHz since at this cpufreq those Orange Pi do not immediately crash with BSP kernel).

Manual build

You can build things for yourself by following our Manual build howto and by choosing from the configurations available below.


Mainline U-Boot

Use the {{{uboot_defconfig}}} build target.

Linux Kernel

Sunxi/Legacy Kernel


Mainline kernel

The H5 SoC has support in the mainline kernels.

The development process, links to patches and links to kernel fork repositories are listed on the Linux mainlining effort page. Patches can also be found from the arm-linux mailing list.

Use the {{{kernel_dtb}}} device-tree binary.

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