V8c h8

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V8c h8
V8C H8 Eye view.jpg
Manufacturer Unknown
Release Date Unknown
Website Unknown
SoC H8 @ 2.0Ghz
DRAM 2GiB DDR3 @ 576MHz
Power DC 5V @ 2A via MicroUSB port, 3700mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery
LCD 1080x1920, divided to two parts for two eyes
Touchscreen No regular touchscreen, but the control panel at the right seems to be a capacative touch panel
Audio 3.5mm headphone plug, Microphone/Speaker position reserved on PCB (not soldered)
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (RTL8723BS)
Storage µSD
USB 1 USB2.0 Host, 1 USB2.0 OTG

It's the first H8 VR device that is accessed by community members.


The PCB has the following silkscreened on it:

V8C H8 v1.1
QL 1646

In android, under Tools->System->About Device, you will find:

  • Version Type: VR0347/20161209153007

Sunxi support

Current status

No any support.

Tips, Tricks, Caveats

If you get such a device, please carefully read its user manual (if it's in a language that you can read), otherwise you will be not able to use this device.

FEL mode

There's UBOOT button on the PCB, which triggers FEL mode.

Adding a serial port (voids warranty)

Serial port still not found.

MicroSD breakout may work, but not tested.