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This page lists other users of the V4L2 memory-to-memory kernel framework, used for hardware video codec implementations.

Name SoC Type License Driver Extra
Samsung S5P Multi Format Codec (s5p-mfc) Samsung Exynos firmware GPL2+ mainline
CODA Freescale i.MX firmware GPL2+ mainline
Mediatek Video Codec + MediaTek Video Processor Unit Mediatek MT8173 firmware(VPU) GPL2 mainline patches

Encoder: v10 Decoder: v3 v2

VENUS (vidc) Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 firmware GPL2only qualcomm landing team kernel
RK3288 VPU codec (Hantro)? Rockchip RK3288 direct register access GPL2 WIP Mainline VP8 decoder chromiumos third-party kernel
  • firmware The driver requires a binary firmware image to be loaded into the hardware.
  • direct register access The driver directly accesses the hardware registers.