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Why are you vandalising the discussion of the main page for this?
  • It's clearly the wrong place. We have a USB Gadget page (work in progress).
  • It's a poor / thoughtless way to ask for support. Use the community channels instead.

-- NiteHawk (talk) 13:22, 15 July 2015 (CEST)

Allwinner A20 USB0 as Mass storage device not working

Dear All, We are porting linux-3.4 kernel for an Allwinner A20 board. We have successfully booted the device. We are now enabling the peripherals of the board. When enabling USB0 as mass storage device, the device enumerates successfully and appears as a empty drive in the windows PC. when i captured the USB packets i observed that during bulk transfer the device issues a stall and waits for a clear stall response from the host and the host issues clear stall but it is cancelled.

But when I observe the same thing in the kernel code the device only issues the stall packet and when it receives a clear stall packet it gets locked in the function "sw_udc_set_halt" at "spin_lock_irqsave" and the device is loaded as empty drive in windows PC.

Any help on Mass storage Gadget is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, senthil