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H3 I2S Problem

I've found it's hard to configure H3's i2s engine to work right.

The datasheet give us such info:

H3 i2s cfg.png

and if we config the engine with the following register values:

Addr Value Mean
0x01C22030 0x00000001 We want 2 slot/channel
0x01C22034 0x00001031 channel 0/1 is enabled
0x01C22034 0x76543210 sample 0 is right channel, and sample 1 is the left channel

and we can download the test audio file from: Left/Right Audio Test

when we played the test file with the soc integrated audio codec, we can hear the left & right channel is splitted very clearly, but when we test the file with the i2s connected dac, we can find the left channel and right channel get merged together.