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My Sunxi Zoo

My first order finally arrived! I bought quite a few because, well, just because.

  • 3 x Orange Pi Zero (rev. 1.4) with H2+ and 512 MB
  • 2 x Orange Pi R1 with H2+ and 256 MB
  • 1 x Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 with H3 and 512 MB
  • 1 x Orange Pi PC2 with H5 and 1 GB

But I was a bit disappointed to hear about the Orange Pi Zero rev. 1.4 overheating issue. I haven't bothered to try that one out yet as I've got enough to worry by merely learning basic operations of the good ones :-)

What's next?

Orange Pi Plus 2E I've been waiting a long time for these to come back in stock :-) I may stock up, as well as picking up some cheap power supplies while me e-waste recycling project is ticking along. I was to convert old but good power supplies into sources of clean power for these little SBCs. No more worrying about broken USB cables or needing a thousand wall plugs.

Power supplies

I'm still searching for the perfect power supply, which I would like to make myself using a laptop charging brick. ATX PSU is good but dangerous because I have an 18-month daughter and two crazy cats roaming around. I have to be careful with all this stuff.


5 Node Cluster of Orange Pi Plus 2Es