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USB MIDI support

This allows your device to act as a MIDI USB client. The connection is set up as a separate ALSA sound card with MIDI port.

Kernel Configuration

Enable the module in the kernel config (it's not enabled by default):

    Device Drivers  --->
        USB support  --->
            <*>    USB Gadget Support  --->
                <m>    MIDI Gadget (EXPERIMENTAL)

Make sure you also have the ALSA MIDI seqencer support enabled:

    Device Drivers  --->
        Sound Card support  --->
            Advanced Linux Sound Architecture  --->
                <M>   Sequencer support

Loading the driver

Load the midi gadget driver with:

modprobe g_midi

If it responds with a "device or resource busy" message, then you probably already have an ALSA sound card registered with index 0. You can specify the index via the module options, simply choose the next free index:

modprobe g_midi index=1

Known Error Messages

If you see the following message

WRN:L2385(drivers/usb/sunxi_usb/udc/sw_udc.c):ERR: sw_udc_queue: inval 2

it means that you attempted to send a MIDI message via the MIDI gadget without it being connected to a host. Just plug in the USB cable (or unplug and retry if the first registration failed) and the error should go away.