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Please remove line "WARNING: Do not use the 4.8 gcc versions of the linaro toolchain, those seem to have issues building the kernel. Use an earlier version instead."

Since 03/2013 patches has been added and there is no problem with gcc 4.8 anymore! -------------------------------- commit d1814ea12da067fda7bac933e06ef205163617f6 Author: Nicolas Pitre <[email protected]> Date: Tue Mar 12 13:00:42 2013 +0100

   ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fix
   commit 418df63adac56841ef6b0f1fcf435bc64d4ed177 upstream.
   Commit 455bd4c430b0 ("ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by
   recent GCC (4.7.2) optimizations") attempted to fix a compliance issue
   with the memset return value.  However the memset itself became broken
   by that patch for misaligned pointers.

... commit e6fffec6636ffa3062891bae69a3895bbb73b148 Author: Ivan Djelic <[email protected]> Date: Wed Mar 6 20:09:27 2013 +0100

Apart from the mainline, we also build the legacy sunxi-3.4 kernel. It doesn't have this fix, right? I've added a remark that mainline can be compiled with gcc-4.8.
I believe we have both of those commits; can anyone confirm gcc 4.8 builds linux-sunxi corrrectly and it boots fine? Turl (talk) 13:49, 7 February 2014 (UTC)

Debian Stretch

It seems that Debian Stretch doesn't have a useful toolchain, as it no longer has a cross-compiler older than gcc 5, which fails to compile either the kernel or u-boot due to header incompatibilities. The toolchains from embedian won't install there. I'd suggest using Jessie for now, for which embedian versions are (apparently) working. JulesH (talk) 13:32, 12 August 2016 (CEST)