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I used the information for enabeling the spi device in device tree but when I start my Cubietruck i get.

ls /dev/spi*


Why I get such funny device number?

Is anybody working on getting SPI to work on the Pine64?

I have talked with some people over at the Pine64 wiki ( to see if anyone has been able to get SPI working on the Pine64.

User Martinayotte (also a member of this forum) noted the following

Few weeks ago, I've tried to enable them, but unfortunately, they have some thing wrong in their definitions, since as soon they are enabled, the kernel boots and their some crash in vfe and other stuff and end up with root login in serial debug and I could see that ethernet is not working, even doing "ifconfig" completely hangs. It must be something like wrong clock or wrong interrupts, and this are for both SPI0 and SPI1. If at least we could get SPI0, that would be nice. (I still trying to figure out by comparing longsleep kernel with the one starting to appear in mainline)

I'll watch this page and will update if I'm able to figure out anything to help get it working.


So I added the appropriate DT nodes to the Pine64 upstream kernel .dts and could communicate with a SPI flash rom via spidev and spidev_test.c. However I couldn't convince flashrom to talk to the chip. Once I fixed that, I will push the DT nodes patches on top of my upstream repository. Apritzel (talk) 14:06, 10 June 2016 (CEST)

Great! I appreciate all of the community support!

Is anybody working on DMA support for SPI on allwinner H2+/H3/H5?

I noticed that DMA support can be configured in the devicetree for the SPI controller. However, looking at the SPI controller code, the DMA configuration is not effectuated there, which makes SPI transfers silently ignore the DMA settings. I wrote down more about my investigation in the Armbian H2/H3 mainline forum.

Kind regards, Dennis