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Standby (s2ram) mode

Does sleep work on sunxi kernel? I'm trying to fix some bug on other A20 tablet. I don't know, is standby supported in sunxi at all.

This can be solved so that set off lcd, touch screen and lower CPU clock speed, power button. Although it lacks some suspend

How long it can work in this mode? For example, Wexler Tab 7200 work less than one day. It is not useful as standby mode.

Volume keys

You need to add tablet keys stection in fex (See Fex Guide)


Mainlining touch driver fix? (aka removing IRQF_TRIGGER_FALLING | in line 1765)


What should be done to correct that BIG problem ? Even gcc crashes halfway CONFIGURING jpeg-turbo and iceweasel crashes when it wants to :(

1. Attach the thread for instance here (google groups) if not already attached link is established
2. Logs (dmesg, xsession.log, xorg.log) best UART debug.

It is stable after the mod of the SPL,as specified in the normal page.