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libv> Wouldn't it be better to order things according to Sun_X_i. As Allwinner will continue to press out all sorts of weird numbers. The sunxi naming scheme makes sense and adds some chronological and development order in the whole.

Chronological is debatable, sun7i came out before sun6i Turl (talk)

libv> Sure, but it gets much much closer than having it according to marketing numbers. Plus, sun7i seems like something that was started after sun6i development was started, but was done quicker as it was "just" a sun4i with 2 arm A7s in it.

Rose28357> good point to sort by generation. But how to introduce SoC with currently unknown generation ?

A20 is sun7iw1

According to filenames (libnand blobs) in A80 SDK A20 is not sun8iw2, but sun7iw1 (what else is sun7i when sun8iw2 not present)? and A31 doesn't seems to be sun8iw1 (because it's config has MALI_LINUX_ENV enabled).