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I think, here are differences between the C-file drivers/pinctrl/sunxi/pinctrl-sun7i-a20.c from the kernel and the tables here.

PH00 to PH21 (EINT1 - EIN21) are mentioned here and also declared in the pinctrl-sun7i-a20.c, okay. But PI10 to PI19 (EINT22 - EINT31) are only set in pinctrl-sun7i-a20.c, and not mentioned here. So the same is for PC19 to PC22 (EINT12 - EINT15) in pinctrl-sun7i-a20.c.

To get clarity (especially for me): Are these higher EINT22 - EINT31 real working? If yes, should they not be mention also her in the tables? And are EINT12 - EINT15 for PC19 to PC22 in pinctrl-sun7i-a20.c not assigned twice in PHxx?

thx ... MichaeL