Quantex KB901

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Quantex KB901
Device front.jpg
Manufacturer Mal electronics???
Dimensions 235 mm x 146 mm x 10 mm
Release Date Month year
Website Device Product Page
SoC A13 @ 1 GHz
DRAM 512 MiB DDR3 @ 408 MHz
Power DC 5 V @ 3 A, 3700 mAh 3.7 V Li-Ion battery
LCD 800x480 (9" 16:9)
Touchscreen 5-finger capacitive (Focaltech FT5x06)
Audio 3.5 mm headphone plug, internal speaker, internal microphone
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (Manufacturer device FIXME)
Storage µSD
Camera 0.3 MP (640x480) front (Galaxycore GC0308)
Other Accelerometer (Freescale mma7660) Optical Sensor (Mouser Electronics Inc. LTR501ALS) Real Time Clock (NXP pcf8563)
Headers UART

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If a device is special, then feel free to provide a terse description of what makes this device so special. But terse, no novels, no marketing blurp.


KB901 V1.1 is printed onto the board.

In android, under Settings->About Tablet, you will find:

  • Model Number: DEVICE
  • Build Number: SOC_BOARD_DEVICE_*.*

Sunxi support

Current status

Give a brief overview of the current status of support under sunxi here. If there is mainline support for either u-boot or kernel, mention this too, but add the extra sections below.




Manual build

  • For building u-boot, use the "MANUFACTURER_DEVICE" target.
  • The .fex file can be found in sunxi-boards as MANUFACTURER_DEVICE.fex

Everything else is the same as the manual build howto.

Tips, Tricks, Caveats

FEL mode

The something button triggers FEL mode.

Currently only UART FEL has been tested.

Adding a serial port (voids warranty)


This section explains how to attach a serial port to the device. Make sure it refers to our UART howto.

Device disassembly

Provide a short description of how to open the device. Explain how the pins can be most easily popped, and mention the Plastic tool howto.

Cover could be opened on the bottom where two screws are seated. You have to remove those screws first.

Locating the UART

Describe how to find the RX,TX,GND signals here, and mention the UART howto.

UART pads are seated near the camera and labeled GND/TX/RX.


Also known as

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