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PowerVR is a line of GPU by Imagination Technologies. It has zero Free Software/Open Source support right now, and the associated development effort seems to be regarded as very high. Imagination has hinted they were considering addressssing the problem[1] but today the position seem to be still open[2]

It is regarded as more powerful than the Mali400 GPU found in other SoCs (needs ref).

A Free Software driver for PowerVR is considered as a high priority project by the FSF[3] and a project has indeed been setup[4].

Imagination Technologies published a linux driver for their binary microkernel under a dual license: MIT & GPL v2. [5]

Allwinner SoC with a PowerVR GPU:

SOC PowerVR GPU Revision
A31 SGX544 or SGX544MP2 1.1.5
A83T SGX544MP1 1.1.5
A80 G6230  ?


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