LicheePi Nano

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LicheePi Nano
LicheePi Nano Front.jpg
Manufacturer Lichee-Pi
Dimensions 25.4mm x 33.0mm
Release Date 2018
Website [1]
SoC F1C100s @ 408Mhz
DRAM 32MiB DDR @ 24M~408MHz
Power via GPIO pins or MicroUSB Jack
LCD optional RGB LCD FPC
Touchscreen optional
Audio 2x speaker, 1x microphone via header pins
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (ESP8089) optional via µSD
Storage µSD, on-board 16MB SPI NOR Flash
Headers SPI, I2C, UART

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Tiny development board about the size of an SD card.


The PCB has the following silkscreened on it:


Sunxi support


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Manual build

You can build things for yourself by following our Manual build howto and by choosing from the configurations available below.

Mainline U-Boot

Use the licheepi_nano_defconfig build target. Available since U-Boot v2022.04.

Mainline Linux Kernel

Use the suniv-f1c100s-licheepi-nano.dts device-tree tree binary.

Tips, Tricks, Caveats

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FEL mode

Just removing all SD Cards triggers FEL mode.

Device specific topic

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Adding a serial port (voids warranty)

The UART0 RX and TX pins are on PE0 and PE1, connected to the GPIO header pins, close to the microSD card slot. They are also marked as U0TX and U0RX. They carry the 3.3V level signal from the SoC, refer to the UART howto for more details.


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Manufacturer images

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