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i want to write the topic as "FASTBOOT" but someone was reserved it before ! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

before anything i want say that my English is not as good as the others so sorry because of my mistakes and if any one edit them I'll really appreciate it _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

i found that for entering into fastboot from android you should go to terminal(termux or terminal emulator or ....) and type :

    reboot bootloader

or from pc with adb on:

    adb reboot bootloader


   adb shell
   reboot bootloader

after that the device will reboot and stuck on its bootlogo(manufacturer logo) it means that fastboot mode enabled or in some cases in will show a red fastboot text on black screen for using fastboot on many sunxi devices you shoud use

   fastboot -i {vid(vendor id)} <your command(s)>

i think sunxi vendor id is


so you shoud write:

fastboot -i 0x1f3a <target_command>
example : fastboot -i 0x1f3a reboot


now some useful commands: for flashing u-boot on android devices

fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash 0x400 <image location> (eg:fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash 0x400 c:\new_folder1\u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin)


fastboot -i 0x1f3a flash uboot <image location>

for continuing default boot(and exiting fastboot):

fastboot -i 0x1f3a continue

for rebooting the device into default mode:

fastboot -i 0x1f3a reboot

for rebooting the device into bootloader(in this case fastboot!):

fastboot -i 0x1f3a reboot-bootloader


fastboot -i 0x1f3a reboot bootloader

for entering efex mode(i think is SUNXIs flash mode! and flashing the dvice using PhoenixSuit or ...):

fastboot -i 0x1f3a oem efex

for formating whole storage:

fastboot -i 0x1f3a oem format


you can find other command by typing

fastboot 0x1f3a help

remember that fastboot(and adb)should be installed on the device that connect the tablet or phone or developing boards ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WARNING:never reboot the device into fastboot if you don't have a pc or laptop or .... because you can't exit from fastboot with out a pc or ...