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This site should grow to an overview chart, to see which codecs/files work with CedarX, A10 VPU (Video Processor Unit) hardware accelerated video decoding.

Tests can be done with XBMC Media Center and VLC (VideoLAN Client) media player software or other software supporting CedarX off-loading.

This information should help programmers to improve usage of CedarX. Please also note that software decoding on CPU should not be discussed in this article.


Feel free to add and edit with your issues and files or mark files working. File analyses could be done with Mediainfo. Exported HTML-Info should be linked.

Overview of cedarX video rendering issues on A10

Works (VLC) Works (XBMC) Container Video/Format Video/CodecID (FourCC/IFF/OSType) Resolution/Framerate Audio/Format Bitrate/Samplerate Audio/Codec_ID (FourCC/IFF/OSType) SampleFile issues (XBMC native) issues (VLC native) issues (XBMC libhybris) issues (VLC libhybris) issues (mplayer libvdpau-sunxi)
Yes Yes MPEG-4 AVC [email protected] avc1 1920x1080@25fps AAC LC VBR [email protected] kHz AAC [1] None None unknown video format
Yes Yes Matroska AVC [email protected] V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC 1280x720@25fps - - - [2] None None None
Yes Yes AVI MPEG-4 Visual Simple@L1 MP4V 1920x1080@25fps MPEG1 Layer 3 CBR [email protected] kHz MP3 [3] None None None
Yes Yes MPEG-4 MPEG-4 Visual Advanced Simple@L1 1280x720@25fps - - - [4] Jerky / Rubberbanding playback None None
Yes Yes MPEG-PS MPEG-2 Main@High 1920x1080@25fps MPEG1 Layer 2 CBR [email protected] MP2 [5] None None None
Yes Yes MPEG-PS MPEG-2 Main@High 1440 HDV 720p 1280x720@25fps - - - [6] None None None
Yes Yes MPEG-4 AVC [email protected], weightp=2 avc1 1920x1080@24fps AAC LC VBR 127Kbps@48 kHz AAC [7] Lots of artifacts Lots of artifacts None
Yes Yes WEBM VP8 webm 1920x1080@25fps vorbis 996kbps @48/48/24 kHz VORBIS [8] None None unknown video format
MPEG-TS (1080i) AVC [email protected] 1920x1080@25fps AC3 CBR 384Kbps@48 kHz [9] Lag video and sound None None
MPEG-4 AVC [email protected] [email protected] AC3 CBR 320Kbps@48 kHz [10] Artifacts and lag video Only artifacts Only lag video None None
MPEG-4 AVC [email protected] 1280x720@24fps DTS CBR 2 046 Kbps / 1 509 Kbps@48 kHz [11] Artifacts and lag video Only artifacts Only lag video None None

Known issues

The use of weighted P-frame prediction in H.264/AVC encoded files results in blocky artifacts when using the cedarx blobs compiled for linux. There is also a discussion thread at doom10.org forum [12]

For example, adding '--weightp 0' option to x264 encoder command line produces a good file from the Sintel movie trailer

 x264 --weightp 0 -o testfile-good.mkv sintel_trailer-1080p.mp4

While using the defaults produces a broken file

 x264 -o testfile-bad.mkv sintel_trailer-1080p.mp4

Note: the media player from Android ICS firmware for Mele A2000 does not seem to have any problems with weighted P-frame prediction.

Also see [13]

A workaround for this issue is to use the Android libs via libhybris: CedarX/libve

Samples for testing

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