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The CedarX unit comes with an encoder subengine. In order to use the hardware encoder you need the libcedarv proprietary library.


  1. Having a linux-sunxi kernel with sunxi_mem driver support. See this.
  2. Get the lastest sunxi-armhf libcedarv binaries. Add them to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  3. Get the encoder header files from here. You can find them at the include/ folder.
  4. Get the encoder example from here or here.
  5. make. (Currently, the video resolution and the output codec are still hardcoded in the examples.)
  6. ./encDemo nv12inputfile outputfile (input file must be in NV12 format. Use: ffmpeg -i original_inputfile -vf pad="trunc((iw+31)/32)*32" -pix_fmt nv12 -f rawvideo nv12inputfile).