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SDRAM Control Module


Allwinner's A80 has a dual channel SDRAM controller. Very likely a close sibling to the controller used in A31.

Common registers

Common registers shared by both channels

MCTL_COM_BASE                   0x01c62000
SDR_COM_CR                      0x00
SDR_COM_CCR                     0x04
SDR_COM_DBGCR                   0x08
SDR_COM_DBGCR1                  0x0c
SDR_COM_RMCR                    0x10
SDR_COM_MMCR                    0x30
SDR_COM_MBAGCR                  0x70
SDR_COM_MBACR                   0x74
SDR_COM_MAER                    0x88
SDR_COM_MDFSCR                  0x100
SDR_COM_MDFSMER                 0x104
SDR_COM_MDFSMRMR                0x108
SDR_COM_MDFSTR0                 0x10c
SDR_COM_MDFSTR1                 0x110
SDR_COM_MDFSTR2                 0x114
SDR_COM_MDFSTR3                 0x118
SDR_COM_MDFSGCR                 0x11c
SDR_COM_MDFSIVR                 0x13c
SDR_COM_MDFSTCR                 0x14c

CTL Registers

CTL registers, one set per channel

MCTL_CTL0_BASE                  0x01c63000
MCTL_CTL1_BASE                  0x01c64000
SDR_SCTL                        0x04
SDR_SSTAT                       0x08
SDR_MCMD                        0x40
SDR_CMDSTAT                     0x4c
SDR_CMDSTATEN                   0x50
SDR_MRRCFG0                     0x60
SDR_MRRSTAT0                    0x64
SDR_MRRSTAT1                    0x68
SDR_MCFG1                       0x7c
SDR_MCFG                        0x80
SDR_PPCFG                       0x84
SDR_MSTAT                       0x88
SDR_LP2ZQCFG                    0x8c
SDR_DTUSTAT                     0x94
SDR_DTUNA                       0x98
SDR_DTUNE                       0x9c
SDR_DTUPRD0                     0xa0
SDR_DTUPRD1                     0xa4
SDR_DTUPRD2                     0xa8
SDR_DTUPRD3                     0xac
SDR_DTUAWDT                     0xb0
SDR_TOGCNT1U                    0xc0
SDR_TOGCNT100N                  0xcc
SDR_TREFI                       0xd0
SDR_TMRD                        0xd4
SDR_TRFC                        0xd8
SDR_TRP                         0xdc
SDR_TRTW                        0xe0
SDR_TAL                         0xe4
SDR_TCL                         0xe8
SDR_TCWL                        0xec
SDR_TRAS                        0xf0
SDR_TRC                         0xf4
SDR_TRCD                        0xf8
SDR_TRRD                        0xfc
SDR_TRTP                        0x100
SDR_TWR                         0x104
SDR_TWTR                        0x108
SDR_TEXSR                       0x10c
SDR_TXP                         0x110
SDR_TXPDLL                      0x114
SDR_TZQCS                       0x118
SDR_TZQCSI                      0x11c
SDR_TDQS                        0x120
SDR_TCKSRE                      0x124
SDR_TCKSRX                      0x128
SDR_TCKE                        0x12c
SDR_TMOD                        0x130
SDR_TRSTL                       0x134
SDR_TZQCL                       0x138
SDR_TMRR                        0x13c
SDR_TCKESR                      0x140
SDR_TDPD                        0x144
SDR_DTUWACTL                    0x200
SDR_DTURACTL                    0x204
SDR_DTUCFG                      0x208
SDR_DTUECTL                     0x20c
SDR_DTUWD0                      0x210
SDR_DTUWD1                      0x214
SDR_DTUWD2                      0x218
SDR_DTUWD3                      0x21c
SDR_DTUWDM                      0x220
SDR_DTURD0                      0x224
SDR_DTURD1                      0x224
SDR_DTURD2                      0x22c
SDR_DTURD3                      0x230
SDR_DTULFSRWD                   0x234
SDR_DTULFSRRD                   0x238
SDR_DTUEAF                      0x23c
SDR_DFITCTLDLY                  0x240
SDR_DFIODTCFG                   0x244
SDR_DFIODTCFG1                  0x248
SDR_DFIODTRMAP                  0x24c
SDR_DFITPHYWRD                  0x250
SDR_DFITPHYWRL                  0x254
SDR_DFITRDDEN                   0x260
SDR_DFITPHYRDL                  0x264
SDR_DFITPHYUPDTYPE0             0x270
SDR_DFITPHYUPDTYPE1             0x274
SDR_DFITPHYUPDTYPE2             0x278
SDR_DFITPHYUPDTYPE3             0x27c
SDR_DFITCTRLUPDMIN              0x280
SDR_DFITCTRLUPDMAX              0x284
SDR_DFITCTRLUPDDLY              0x288
SDR_DFIUPDCFG                   0x290
SDR_DFITREFMSKI                 0x294
SDR_DFITCRLUPDI                 0x298
SDR_DFITRCFG0                   0x2ac
SDR_DFITRSTAT0                  0x2b0
SDR_DFITRWRLVLEN                0x2b4
SDR_DFITRRDLVLEN                0x2b8
SDR_DFISTCFG0                   0x2c4
SDR_DFISTCFG1                   0x2c8
SDR_DFITDRAMCLKEN               0x2d0
SDR_DFITDRAMCLKDIS              0x2d4
SDR_DFILPCFG0                   0x2f0

PHY Registers

PHY registers, one set per channel

MCTL_PHY0_BASE                  0x01c65000
MCTL_PHY1_BASE                  0x01c66000
SDR_PIR                         0x04
SDR_PGCR                        0x08
SDR_PGSR                        0x0c
SDR_DLLGCR                      0x10
SDR_ACDLLCR                     0x14
SDR_PTR0                        0x18
SDR_PTR1                        0x1c
SDR_PTR2                        0x20
SDR_ACIOCR                      0x24
SDR_DXCCR                       0x28
SDR_DSGCR                       0x2c
SDR_DCR                         0x30
SDR_DTPR0                       0x34
SDR_DTPR1                       0x38
SDR_DTPR2                       0x3c
SDR_MR0                         0x40
SDR_MR1                         0x44
SDR_MR2                         0x48
SDR_MR3                         0x4c
SDR_ODTCR                       0x50
SDR_DTAR                        0x54
SDR_DTDT0                       0x58
SDR_DTDT1                       0x5c
SDR_DCUAR                       0xc0
SDR_DCUDR                       0xc4
SDR_DCURR                       0xc8
SDR_DCULR                       0xcc
SDR_DCUGCR                      0xd0
SDR_DCUTPR                      0xd4
SDR_DCUSR0                      0xd8
SDR_DCUSR1                      0xdc
SDR_BISTRR                      0x100
SDR_BISTMSKR0                   0x104
SDR_BISTMSKR1                   0x108
SDR_BISTWCR                     0x10c
SDR_BISTLSR                     0x110
SDR_BISTAR0                     0x114
SDR_BISTAR1                     0x118
SDR_BISTAR2                     0x11c
SDR_BISTUDPR                    0x120
SDR_BISTGSR                     0x124
SDR_BISTWER                     0x128
SDR_BISTBER0                    0x12c
SDR_BISTBER1                    0x130
SDR_BISTBER2                    0x134
SDR_BISTWCSR                    0x138
SDR_BISTFWR0                    0x13c
SDR_BISTFWR1                    0x140
SDR_ZQ0CR0                      0x180
SDR_ZQ0CR1                      0x184
SDR_ZQ0SR0                      0x188
SDR_ZQ0SR1                      0x18c
SDR_DX0GCR                      0x1c0
SDR_DX0GSR0                     0x1c4
SDR_DX0GSR1                     0x1c8
SDR_DX0DLLCR                    0x1cc
SDR_DX0DQTR                     0x1d0
SDR_DX0DQSTR                    0x1d4
SDR_DX1GCR                      0x200
SDR_DX1GSR0                     0x204
SDR_DX1GSR1                     0x208
SDR_DX1DLLCR                    0x20c
SDR_DX1DQTR                     0x210
SDR_DX1DQSTR                    0x214
SDR_DX2GCR                      0x240
SDR_DX2GSR0                     0x244
SDR_DX2GSR1                     0x248
SDR_DX2DLLCR                    0x24c
SDR_DX2DQTR                     0x250
SDR_DX2DQSTR                    0x254
SDR_DX3GCR                      0x280
SDR_DX3GSR0                     0x284
SDR_DX3GSR1                     0x288
SDR_DX3DLLCR                    0x28c
SDR_DX3DQTR                     0x290
SDR_DX3DQSTR                    0x294

Various other registers

Driver touches various other registers

CCM_BASE                        (0x01c20000)
CCM_PLL5_DDR_CTRL               (CCM_BASE+0x020)
CCM_MDFS_CLK_CTRL               (CCM_BASE+0x0f0)
CCM_DRAMCLK_CFG_CTRL            (CCM_BASE+0x0f4)
CCM_AHB1_RST_REG0               (CCM_BASE+0x02C0)
CCM_AHB1_GATE0_CTRL             (CCM_BASE+0x060)
R_PRCM_BASE                     (0x01f01400)
R_VDD_SYS_PWROFF_GATE           (R_PRCM_BASE + 0x110)
CCM_AXI_GATE_CTRL               (CCM_BASE+0x05c)
CCM_DRAM_GATING                 (CCM_BASE+0x100)

dram_para tpr fields

trefi = ((para->dram_tpr2)>>15)&0xFF;
tmrd  = ((para->dram_tpr3)>>0)&0x7;
trfc  = ((para->dram_tpr2)>>23)&0x1FF;
trp   = ((para->dram_tpr3)>>3)&0xF;
tprea = ((para->dram_tpr1)>>0)&0x3;
trtw  = ((para->dram_tpr4)>>8)&0xF;
tal   = ((para->dram_tpr4)>>4)&0xF;
tcl   = ((para->dram_tpr4)>>0)&0xF;
tcwl  = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>28)&0xF;
tras  = ((para->dram_tpr3)>>19)&0x3F;
trc   = ((para->dram_tpr3)>>13)&0x3F;
trcd  = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>24)&0xF;
trrd  = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>20)&0xF;
trtp  = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>16)&0xF;
twr   = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>11)&0x1F;
twtr  = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>7)&0xF;
texsr = ((para->dram_tpr1)>>22)&0x3FF;
txp   = ((para->dram_tpr5)>>0)&0x7;
txpdll= ((para->dram_tpr3)>>7)&0x3F;
tzqcs = ((para->dram_tpr2)>>0)&0x7F;
tzqcsi= (para->dram_tpr0);
tdqs  = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>29)&0x7;
tcksre= ((para->dram_tpr4)>>27)&0x1F;
tcksrx= ((para->dram_tpr4)>>22)&0x1F;
tcke  = ((para->dram_tpr4)>>17)&0x1F;
tmod  = ((para->dram_tpr4)>>12)&0x1F;
trstl = ((para->dram_tpr3)>>25)&0x7F;
tzqcl = ((para->dram_tpr1)>>2)&0x3FF;
tmrr  = ((para->dram_tpr2)>>7)&0xFF;
tckesr= ((para->dram_tpr5)>>3)&0xF;
tdpd  = ((para->dram_tpr1)>>12)&0x3FF;
tccd    = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>6)&0x1;
taond   = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>2)&0x3;
tfaw    = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>13)&0x3F;
trtodt  = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>5)&0x1;
tdqsck  = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>10)&0x7;
tdqsckmax = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>7)&0x7;
tdllk   = ((para->dram_tpr6)>>19)&0x3FF;
titmsrst= ((para->dram_tpr7)>>18)&0xF;
tdlllock = ((para->dram_tpr7)>>6)&0xFFF;
tdllsrst= ((para->dram_tpr7)>>0)&0x3F;
tdinit0 = ((para->dram_tpr8)>>0)&0x7FFFF;
tdinit1 = ((para->dram_tpr8)>>19)&0xFF;
tdinit2 = ((para->dram_tpr9)>>0)&0x1FFFF;
tdinit3 = ((para->dram_tpr9)>>17)&0x3FF;


SDR_MR0         dram_mr0
SDR_MR1         dram_mr1
SDR_MR2         dram_mr2
SDR_MR3         dram_mr3
SDR_PTR0        titmsrst<<18 tdlllock<<6 tdllsrst<<0
SDR_PTR1        tdinit1<<19 tdinit0<<0
SDR_PTR2        tdinit3<<17 tdinit2<<0
SDR_DTPR0       tccd<<31 tRC<<25 tRRD<<21 tRAS<<16 tRCD<<12 tRP<<8 tWTR<<5 tRTP<<2 tMRD<<0
SDR_DTPR1       tDQSCKMAX<<27 tdqsck<<24 trfc<<16 trtodt<<11 (tmod-12)<<9 0<<2 tfaw<<3 taond<<0
SDR_DTPR2       tdllk<<19 tcke<<15 txpdll<<10 texsr<<0
SDR_DCR         DDR2=a DDR3=b LPDDR=8 other=C   PHY DDR Mode