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I suggest to rename this page to "A10 DRAM Controller Registers Guide". Just because it is in fact a register guide like many other pages. And also because we have a substantially different A31 DRAM controller, which needs its own separate page. The "DRAM Controller" page name could be then used (if we don't leave a redirect) to provide a general overview of the DRAM controllers used in sunxi devices and also links to the register guides and other pages related to A10 and A31 DRAM controller. The "A10" name seems to be a good choice because the use of wildcards is generally discouraged and we also have the tool named "a10-meminfo" (which supports A10, A13 and A20). If anyone is watching this page, please comment. --ssvb

Just do it: it's a wiki, things can be changed afterwards when people come up with a better solution. --libv.